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  2014 Exhibition

The 2014 Exhibition, our 40th was held on 22nd, 23rd February with good weather and plenty of visitors.
Below are images of some of the layouts.

Click a thumbnail to open the full size image in a new window.

Appledore (00) built by Bob Hawes.

Untermutten (H0m) built by Dave Howsam

Westmoor Junction (00) built by Simon Cullen

Hazel Valley (00) built by Hazel Grove and District MRS
winner of the Most Popular Layout as judged by Exhibition Visitors' awards.

Linden Grove (00) built by NMDRM member Colin Kennington

Photos to follow.

Stamford East (N) exhibited by Robin Fox

Lockford Yard (00) built by NMDRM member Andrew Williams

Kexby (00) built by NMDRM member Mark Howarth.
Winner of the award for Best NMDRM Member's layout.

Monument Lane (00) built by NMDRM member Stuart Broome.

Lark Rise 2 (3mm 14.2) built by NMDRM member Brian Foster.

TV Set & T Gauge built by NMDRM member Bob Howorth.
The TV set was one of the layouts at our very first exhibitions back in the 1970's
Photos to follow.

Playing Trains in TT3 Gauge built by NMDRM member David Payne
Photos to follow

Elstone built in N Gauge by NMDRM member Stephen Fletcher.
Photos to follow.

Catley Industries built in ) Gauge by NMDRM members Alex, Barbara and Angus
Photos to follow.

Burnham on Sea built in N Gauge by NMDRM member Alastair Knox.
Photos to follow.

Sutton Junction built in 00 Gauge by Derek Gelsthorpe.
Photos to follow.

Nedwood built in N Gauge by NMDRM member Malcolm Munro.
Photos to follow.

Pocahontas Lumber Co built by NMDRM member Sue Hodnett.
Photos to follow.

The Eniware Light Railway built in 009 by NMDRM member Gerald Southern.
Photos to follow.

Bodmin built in N Gauge by Ray Slack.
Photos to follow.

Ferryside built in 00 Gauge by John Pollock.
Photos to follow.

Woodhead (00) built by NMDRM member Dennis Collier.
Awarded joint 3rd in the 'Best Member's Layout' competition.

Happy Valley (00) built by NMDRM member Dennis Collier.