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Linden Grove


This is a layout anyone can build.  The background to it is that I wanted to build a new layout, but we were hoping to move house.  Hence I did not want to spend any money which might get wasted if we found a house with a different sized railway room. Therefore Peco foam underlay has been used for the ballast so I can lift all the track and reuse it; virtually all the buildings are heavily modified inexpensive cardboard kits, while most points are changed by piano wire (50p for the lot).  Control is by a NCE DCC system and there is quite a lot of electronics hidden under the baseboards to make it all work, but these can easily be removed and reused.


It portrays a small terminus served by a main line and a suburban line, plus a small through platform for diesel railcars.  If you have lots of imagination, you might think it is a very much scaled down Kings Cross when the York Road platform to Moorgate was still in use.