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Lytton — N Gauge



Lytton is a fictitious section of the Canadian Pacific line through the Fraser Canyon in British Columbia. The viewer is facing north with, to the right, the arid area going toward Kamloops, where the annual rainfall is only 7 inches. The Fraser and Thompson rivers meet here and the two flow parallel to each other for a while before mixing. Further downstream westwards towards Vancouver there is more rainfall and therefore, much more vegetation.


The trackwork is all Peco, with control by a Modelex unit on a long wander lead. The scenery is made from plaster of paris over chicken wire, coloured with poster paints and with various scatter materials as appropriate. The river is Polyfilla dabbed with a dish cloth as it was drying to give a wave effect. The Douglas Firs have all been made by club member  Kath Ashton.

Locos are Kato, Atlas and Lifelike. The object is to run long trains as on the prototype where they are regularly 80 — 110 wagons long but on the model, the longest is 37! Coal is conveyed westward for export as is grain and potash with corresponding empty workings eastbound. Intermodals run in both directions, taking advantage of the generous loading gauge to run twinstacks. General merchandise trains also run in both directions. Passenger workings consist of the Canadian which runs as Train No.1 from Toronto to Vancouver and as No.2 Eastbound with ‘Budd’ railcars on local services.


Please note that Lytton has now been sold.


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