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Monument Lane Revisited

3'00" x 1'6" x 2'6"

Monument Lane was built for a  fairly early exhibition just to prove you could have fog on it.  It was at Ferodo that it was first shown and proved very successful (even if the fog did leak out over the canteen).  Unfortunately the “fog” proved to be very acidic and ate into the track and overhead wires, so the next year it ran without the fog. 


It was set in the Edwardian period with trams running in the foreground, and trains on the viaduct to the rear.  There are many characters to be seen on the streets, including a dancing bear, also listen out for the old street/barrel organ which used to entertain in those days before wireless or TV were invented.  Look under the arches where work is ongoing for the markets, or people try to keep warm on this cold winters eve.