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Newland's Farm — Gn15

5'6" x 2'00"

Gn15 uses G scale (about 1:24th scale) running on 00 gauge track to represent scale 15” narrow gauge. This gauge was often used on estate and agricultural railways to allow for very light construction and sharp corners.


Newland’s Farm is a fictitious example of such a railway. Inspired loosely by fruit farming operations in Oxfordshire, the layout shows a small yard where produce from the fields enters a timber barn for sorting and onward shipment. There is also a small loco and wagon workshop accessed from a turntable.


Trackwork on the layout is Peco 0/16.5 ballasted using cat litter. Point motors are Tortoise and the layout is DCC controlled — sound is planned. The brickwork is hand-painted using artist’s watercolours on textured watercolour paper. The barn is built around a 3-mm MDF shell overlaid with balsa and thatched with cotton ‘thrum’ (weaving loom warp thread). The chicken coop, fences and yard gate are balsa wood. Scenics use well tried methods with carpet felt for the grass, horsehair for the hedge and twisted wire and Woodland Scenics for the trees. Locos and stock are mainly built from Sidelines parts.


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