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South Hern


South Hern is situated in the valley of the River Hern which rises in the Pennines near Bleaklow and is a tributary of the River Goyt. The mill complex was built in the early 19th century to take advantage of the water supply. As the road system in the area was inadequate, the mill owner persuaded the Midland and MS&L Railways to build a joint line through the valley connecting both companies' lines to Manchester . Due to financial constraints, the line was restricted to single track but a sizeable station was built at South Hern to service the locality.

Shortly after construction, the line was transferred to the ownership of the Cheshire Lines committee and became the most easterly outpost of that system. The period depicted is the 1930's at which time the CLC was jointly owned by the LNER and LMS railways and was used by both companies providing local traffic.

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