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Standish Junction - 00 Gauge


The Layout seeks to portray Standish Junction some ten miles south of Gloucester on the Great Western Railway (GWR) and Midland Railway (MR) Birmingham to Bristol mainlines in 1921 immediately prior to the Grouping.


Standish Junction was constructed originally in 1854 at the geographical point where the Birmingham & Gloucester Railway met the Cheltenham & GW Union Railway from Swindon. Following the demise of Brunel’s dream for Broad Gauge a number of consequential track alterations and redevelopments were put in place for the junction.


The Layout therefore depicts the Junction as it would have appeared in the period from 1903 to the mid -1930s. The year 1903 marks the start of GWR passenger services over the route not only via Chalford and the Golden Valley to Swindon and onwards to Paddington but also over MR lines between the Junction and Yate South Junction where they joined the then new GWR South Wales direct line into Bristol. The recurrent expenses of the Junction were shared equally between the two companies, including the signalman’s wages; he in turn had to pass two lots of Regulations. There were three shifts in the box and two boys were employed to ease the work. Later on in LMS days there could be up to 80 trains to each shift!


The Layout measures 11’6” x 2’6’. The trackwork is a continuous oval and it is operated very much and unashamedly  on the basis of  “watching the trains go by”. The intention is to seek to recreate some of the atmosphere of the period; the beauty in the design of the locomotives and the colour of the liveries employed by these two companies, both ‘giants of their age’. Also to convey just a flavour of the romance of such trains which in post-Grouping times would acquire such evocative titles as the Pines Express (from Manchester to Bournemouth) running south from Gloucester and Standish Junction across S&DJR lines via Mangotsfield and Bath, the Devonian (from Bradford to Paignton and originally a joint venture by the Midland and the LNWR to capitalise on the developing ‘holiday traffic’ to the south coast), and the Cheltenham Spa Express (unofficially known as the record-breaking Cheltenham Flyer).


The signalbox on the Layout has been constructed from a Ratio kit but the farm buildings  and all of the bridges are scratch- built from Slaters Plastikard.

As Standish Junction is a permanent layout it is not available for exhibitions.

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