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Playing Trains in TT Gauge



TT Gauge was pioneered by Tri-ang during the 1960’s. TT3 strands for ‘Table Top 3 mm’, the scale being 3 mm to 1 foot (00 is 4 mm and N is 2 mm). The track gauge is 12 mm, which equates to 4 feet.

This layout uses Tri-ang TT rolling stock running on German ‘Tillig’ track; certain rail tolerances have been eased to allow for the coarse scale Tri-ang wheels.


Backscenes and card buildings are TT or scratch built, other buildings are ligh-hearted charity shop purchases! Some figures are 1:100 scale but others, vehicles and street items are 1:76 (4 mm) scale, except for the 237 Glossop to Ashton bus which is a pencil sharpener and probably almost correct size.


Control is by Gaugemaster with Peco point motors via proprietary switches. The lower board can run up to four fast trains whilst the branch is either manual or automatic with an end to end shuttle.

The layout is purely for fun, the object being to PLAY TRAINS IN TT GAUGE!

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