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Winziges Industriegebiet — H0

5'00" x 1'6"

Winziges Industriegebiet is the nearest Google Translate gets to 'Tiny Industrial Area'.


The layout is based on Alex Lösch's American layout 'The X Street Gang' and follows on from other Inglenook type shunting planks built in the past. The trackplan which is a mirror image of Alex's original hopefully offers more realistic operation than Inglenook but with the same level of complication - time will tell.

Construction is tried and tested with a 9mm and 6mm plywood baseboard supported by trestles and L girder beams and framed by a photographic backscene and integral lighting fascia.

Trackwork is Peco code 75 with live frog points powered by servos. The buildings are mainly Kibri kits suitably altered to fit the space and groundcover is done using a static grass applicator.

The rolling stock is mainly Roco all fitted with DG couplings.

Lenz/ Roco DCC control is used throughout and operation while using cards for each wagon as with Inglenook is defined by dealing the cards into specific locations on the layout. The stock then has to be shunted into those locations


Click a thumbnail to open the full size image in a new window. The layout is still under construction.